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Search of the index map (SIM)

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Provide information about the land to search the index map for.

The index map will be examined to identify the property and any registrations or applications that may affect it.

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Relevant information

The minimum fee for a search of the index map is 4.

Your application should be accompanied by a cheque for 4 payable to 'HM Land Registry'. You will be contacted if further fees are payable.

If you are searching for property that has no postal address you will need to send a plan that enables us to identify it in sufficient detail. The plan must:
  • be drawn to scale
  • be based on the current large scale Ordnance Survey map
  • indicate scale and north point
  • show property extent with suitable colouring and position in relation to nearby roads and other features
  • plans of flats and masionettes must indicate floor level of the property.