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Solving problems

If no title is revealed by the Property enquiry, does this mean that the property is unregistered?

Not necessarily. If no title is revealed it may be for one of the following reasons:
- we have been unable to electronically match the property details given with our records, or
- the titles have not been linked to the address in the database (e.g., because at the time of registration the address was not known or was different in some way to the address supplied to us by the Post Office).
To be certain whether or not a property is registered, download and complete a search of the index map formLink opens in new window and post it to our standard addressLink opens in new window with the correct fee Link opens in new window.

Will a title always relate to registered land?

Not always, a title may relate to one of the following:

A Caution against First Registration

This can be identified by the words 'A Caution' in the tenure description. Please see the glossary for further details of Cautions against First Registration

A Rentcharge

A registered rentcharge can be identified by the word 'Rentcharge' in the tenure description. Please see the glossary for further details of rentcharges.

A Manor

Following the implementation of the Land Registration Act 2002 in October 2003 it is no longer possible to register a Lordship of a Manor. However Manor titles registered before the Land Registration Act 2002 will be available for inspection.

A pending application

These are applications for registrations that are currently being processed in our offices. These may be for the first registration of the freehold or a leasehold title to the land or subsequent transfers of part of the registered land or subsequent leases of part or of the whole of it.

The title register and title plans of pending registrations are not available electronically. If you use form OC1 Link opens in new window to obtain paper copies, please tick the second option in Panel 8 on that form to select to be notified when the application has been completed. You can then either obtain paper copies of the title register and title plan (unless the application is cancelled in which case you will be told this) or use this service to obtain electronic versions.

Will more than one title for any property be revealed?

Yes sometimes. Different parts of the property may be registered under different freeholds or there may be more than one lease affecting it. For instance a lease by the freehold owner to a tenant for ninety years and then a sublease by that tenant to someone else for fifty years. Each of these would have a separate title.

Will every title affecting a property be revealed?

Not necessarily. It is possible that there are other registrations that have not been revealed because they have not been linked to the addresses in our database.

If the title refers to a 'Caution against First Registration' then the land that is the subject of that caution will be unregistered (but could be subject to a pending application for First Registration).

Whenever a title is revealed you should check that the plan includes all the land that you are interested in.

For further information see: If no title is revealed by the Property enquiry, does this mean that the property is unregistered?
What about land with no postal address?

If you are unable to locate land with no postal address using the Map Enquiry search tool, download and complete a search of the index map formLink opens in new window and post it to our standard addressLink opens in new window with the correct feeLink opens in new window.

Ideally the plan should be drawn to scale and be based on the latest edition of the large scale Ordnance Survey Link opens in new window map. The scale and north point should be indicated. The extent of the property should be shown by suitable colouring and its position in relation to nearby roads, and other features, should be readily apparent. Plans of flats and maisonettes should also indicate the floor level of the property.

What do I do when my download appears to have failed?

Please log in and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need your WorldPay Transaction ID to hand, so we can check the status of your original transaction. If payment was taken, you will be able to try again without charge. If you find that you are still unable to download your PDF, check that your PC settings meet the requirements. Alternatively, you can contact customer supportLink opens in new window with more details about your problem.

Where do I locate the WorldPay Transaction ID?

The WorldPay Transaction ID we need is contained within the acknowledgement email that was sent to you on completion of the payment. This can be a 10 or 11 digit 'Transaction ID' number quoted within the Transaction Details, not the 38-character 'Merchant's Card ID' reference.

Why am I having trouble printing off some of the HM Land Registry forms?

Have you checked your printer settings? As well as being in PDF format our forms are designed to be printed A4 size and at 300 dpi resolution.

Why have I not received the title register and/or title plan and/or Flood Risk Indicator?

You may need to disable any anti pop-up software or any additional third party software as this may result in problems when downloading the PDF file.

The title register and/or title plan and/or Flood Risk Indicator you have requested will be delivered to your browser in a PDF file, not by email.

You will know that the file has been delivered because a 'File Download' dialog will appear and you will be given the following options: (You may be asked this question twice, if so, re-select your preferred option).

- Open this file from its current location
- Save this file to disk

If you wish to view the PDF file at a later date, be sure to save the document.

If however, we experience a problem creating the file from our database we will display a message in your web browser, which states: 'Sorry, there has been an unexpected error. WorldPay will have sent an email prior to this error occurring, which confirmed that your payment had been authorised. Please do not worry - you have not been charged for this transaction.' The problem may only be temporary and so you may wish to try again later. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

What software do I need on my PC to use this service?

This service is available from HM Land Registry through an internet browser. Our technical manualLink opens in new window lists the browsers (and versions) currently supported for this service.

JavaScript will also need to be enabled in your browser. To learn how to enable JavaScript, see your browser's help information.

You will also require PDF viewing software installed to view any of the PDF downloads.

If you have trouble downloading the PDFs this may be because a pop-up blocker is enabled in your browser settings or additional third party software. You will need to change the settings accordingly.


This section covers any problems using this service. Can't find a property? Having problems downloading documents? Hopefully the answers to your questions will be in this section.