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Aerial land locator - hints & tips

How can Aerial Land Locator help me?

Aerial Land Locator is a tool allowing the use of maps and/or aerial photos to locate property of interest and is useful for locating properties where little or no address information is known.

Title registers, plans, and flood risk indicators of registered properties will then be available for purchase.

See: Search tips for Aerial Land Locator

How do I use Aerial Land Locator to find information for property that I am interested in?

By selecting the 'Map enquiry' link on the 'Find a property' page, you can search for a property using a map or aerial view. Either navigate to a location on the map using address details or click on any part of the overview map. You can then navigate and zoom in to the location you are interested in.

A range of maps is available; road, London street map or Ordnance Survey as appropriate. You can also select the aerial view (Bird's eye option) which also shows the road names. The 'Automatic' facility selects the best map style the system can provide for you. The range of maps can be found from the drop down menu at the top of the map or aerial view; the default setting is 'road'.

Once a map option has been selected you can use your mouse cursor to select a specific property or an area on the map.

See: Search tips for Aerial Land Locator

Search tips for Aerial Land Locator
Address search:
  • Enter as much address information as you have, and select 'Search'. A map will appear and the properties that match the information you supplied will be listed at the bottom of the screen. If your property is not in the list you can use the 'Find properties' option at the bottom of the map or aerial view. This will be greyed-out until you zoom into the map or aerial view.

Zoom In and Out:
  • The quickest way to zoom in on a map or aerial view is to double click on the area of interest. The area you double click on is then placed in the centre of the map or aerial view.

    You can also zoom in and out using the (+) or (-) tools at the top of the map or aerial view, or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

    As you zoom in using any of the methods, the 'Find properties' option will become active. Select 'On' and choose a radius area (eg 5 metres) from the drop-down menu. Your mouse cursor will now change to a coloured circle. Moving the cursor to the part of the map or aerial view where the property is and left-clicking with the mouse button displays a list of registered properties within that area.

How do I move around the map and/or aerial photos to find the area I am interested in?
  • Double click anywhere on the map to zoom into that area. The map will reposition and the point you have clicked on will now be in the centre of the map.
  • Use the directional arrows: Click anywhere on the compass to move in that direction. Click again or click and hold your mouse down to move further or in another direction.
  • Use your mouse: Hold down the mouse button and drag the map to change your position.
  • Rotate the map: In Bird's eye view, you can rotate the map in either direction. Click the clockwise or anti-clockwise arrows which will appear at either side of the compass.
How do I use the maps with the keyboard?
  • Up Arrow = pan up
  • Down Arrow = pan down
  • Right Arrow = pan right
  • Left Arrow = pan left
  • Plus Sign (+) = zoom in
  • Minus Sign (-) = Zoom out

For other key board short cut keys see the . Microsoft Bing help pages Link opens in new window.

When can I use the 'Find properties' button to get the information I am interested in?

The 'Find properties' button will become active as you zoom in.

Once the 'Find properties' button becomes active you can turn on the facility and use the radius search option to find your property.

See: What is radius search?

What is radius search?

The Radius search facility allows you to select a small area of the map or aerial view, and then displays a list of any existing registered titles for that area. If the facility is greyed out, zoom in until it becomes active.

Select 'On' and choose a radius value - 5, 10, or 20m. Then select the area of the map or aerial view you are interested in.

All registered properties found within the selected radius will be listed in the results at the bottom of the screen.

What is the smallest area I can search?

See: What is radius search?

Why aren't there aerial photos for the area I am interested in?

Aerial photos are currently available for most of England and Wales, new data is loaded when it becomes available.