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About this service

What information is available?

Copies of title registers, title plans and Flood Risk Indicator results for more than 20 million registered properties in England and Wales can be purchased and downloaded in PDF format.

The title register includes ownership details and, for most properties which have changed hands since April 2000, the property price information. We are unable to provide details of any properties that are not registered.

Please see Flood Risk Indicator section for more information

Find a Property search results reveal registered titles to land [registered estates] that match the search criteria you have entered. For example, a search by a specific postal address and/or title number, will reveal freehold and leasehold properties that match that address. To identify all registered estates that may affect land, such as titles of tunnels, pipelines, mines and minerals and airspace leases, (if any) you should complete a search of the index map.

See HM Land Registry's Practice Guide 10 Link opens in new window - Official searches of the index map for more information.

How much does it cost?
  • £3 for a title register copy (details of a property)
  • £3 for each title plan (plan of a property)
  • £9.00 (excluding VAT) for each Flood Risk Indicator result (an indication of flood risk for a property)

Payable online, by credit/debit card over a secure link.

Why is the title register and/or title plan useful to me?

Typically, you...

  • want to look at the title register and/or title plan of a property you own
  • want to find out who owns a specific property
  • want to discover the extent of a property
  • are interested in buying an unoccupied property you have noticed and wish to approach the owner
  • lease or rent a property and need to contact the landlord

Please see Flood Risk Indicator section to see how it can be useful to you

Why are you asking me to register?

Customer registration has been introduced so that our Find A Property service conforms to standard industry practice and is brought in line with other on-line service providers who ask users to register in order to gain access to information. This change also makes our service more secure.

How do I know my personal information will be safe?

Please see Privacy Statement Link opens in new window .

What property details can I get from a title register and title plan?

A title register generally includes:

  • property description
  • who owns it
  • mortgage lender (if any)
  • price paid/value stated (if registered since 1st April 2000)
  • rights of way (not public rights of way) or other rights affecting the property restrictions or other conditions

Title register example Link opens in new window

A title plan is based on the large-scale Ordnance Survey map and shows general property extent.

Title plan example Link opens in new window

Details held by HM Land Registry are updated following receipt of an application. For guidance, this can be up to a few months after a property transaction.

Can anyone view details of any property?

Yes, since 3 December 1990 the public have been able to look at the register of title (this includes title plans) in England and Wales. Prior to that, only registered owners and people with the owner's permission could look at a register of title.

What is the file size?
  • Average file size of a title register is 12Kb
  • Average file size of a title plan is 200Kb
  • Average file size of a Flood Risk Indicator result is 700Kb
What do I need to make an enquiry?
  • The address of the property
  • PDF viewing software installed
  • Valid credit/debit card
  • A valid email address
  • A printer (optional)
  • A method of saving the files if you wish to view them on another occasion (optional)
Do I have the right browser?

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Do I have the correct software?

All details we supply (title register and title plan) are kept in PDF format.

To download PDF files you will need PDF viewing software installed.

You may need to disable any anti pop-up software or any additional third party software as this may result in problems when downloading the PDF file.

What else do I need to know?

If you wish to print any page - including the response to your enquiry - check that your printer settings are on A4 format.

You can, of course, simply download and save responses. Other useful information is contained within the rest of this section.