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Caution against first registration

This is a means of protecting an interest in an unregistered estate affecting land. A caution can protect a wide variety of interests, for example, rentcharges and franchises.

For each caution there is a ‘caution title’ - a record, under a distinguishing number, of the details of the caution and of the declaration in support and of a plan showing the extent of the land affected by the caution.

A caution is not an actual registration of any estate in land. It is merely a means to trigger notification to the person who lodged the caution when an application for first registration is made.

There can be more than one caution in respect of the same property.

First registration

An application to register unregistered land.

Flood Risk Indicator

The Flood Risk Indicator is a textual result indicating flood risk to registered land.

The Flood Risk Indicator combines Environment Agency flood data with HM Land Registry property data to provide our customers with a high level indication of whether the land they are interested in, is at risk of flooding.

The result is provided on a title-by-title basis for registered properties within England and Wales.

Please see: Flood Risk Indicator

Form OC1

Used to apply for guaranteed copies of the title register and/or title plan (‘official copies’). Information provided electronically through this service is not guaranteed.

Form OC2

Used to apply for ‘official copies’ of documents, which cannot be delivered electronically or where a paper official copy is required. In the majority of cases these documents are referred to in the title register. However, other documents which relate to an application are also available, but not through this service. For more information, see Get information about property and land Link opens in new window

Form SIM

Used to make an application for a search on the index map.


The nearest equivalent to absolute and permanent ownership. The Crown is the only absolute owner of land in England and Wales.

Index map

A large scale map which shows whether a property in England and Wales is registered and, if so, the Title number(s). The Index Map will also reveal whether there are any ‘Cautions against First Registration’ affecting an unregistered property.

INSPIRE index polygon dataset

A subset of the HM Land Registry's Index Polygon dataset structured to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE technical specification. These polygons indicate the location of registered land.

HM Land Registry-INSPIRE ID

The unique identification number associated with each Polygon within the INSPIRE Index Polygon Dataset


Ownership for a fixed term of years. This can arise from a grant of a lease from a freehold or from an existing leasehold for a shorter period than that lease.


Following the implementation of the Land Registration Act 2002 in October 2003 it is no longer possible to register a lordship of a manor. However manor titles registered before the Land Registration Act 2002 will be available for inspection.

Official copy

A copy of the title register, title plan (that are guaranteed as at the date and time stated on them) or document that is also guaranteed.

An official copy is admissible in evidence in a court to the same extent as the original. A person is entitled to be indemnified by the registrar if he or she suffers loss by reason of a mistake in an official copy.

PDF's of title plans, title registers and documents purchased through the 'Find a property' service are not official copies.

Property enquiry

This is where you enquire about a property and we try and match the details of the address that you provide against our address database.

The postal addresses in our database are originally supplied by the Post Office (from their Postal Address File). We attach information to addresses from the registration details. We also add new properties when fresh registrations are made. Additionally, we receive details of new and amended properties from the Ordnance Survey. Your enquiry is matched against our database and records of more than 20 million registrations in England and Wales.


A rentcharge is an annual sum payable for land in perpetuity or for a term of years which gives the owner of the rentcharge (the ‘rentowner’) specific rights if the sum is n