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Costs and payment

What are the fees?

A title register costs £3, a title plan costs £3.

A Flood Risk Indicator result costs £9.00 (excluding VAT)

What cards can I use?

Visa Debit

What do I do to get a refund?

Please contact customer support Link opens in new window with your enquiry. We will need the WorldPay purchase Transaction ID which is contained within the acknowledgment email that was sent to you on completion of the payment. This is the shorter reference entitled WorldPay's Transaction ID recorded within the transaction details of your email, and not the 38-character reference entitled Merchant's Cart ID. Please see our Flood Risk Indicator section for how to receive a refund if the Flood Risk Indicator result does not reveal any information about a floodplain.

What are the terms and conditions for transactions on this site?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Who am I paying?

The entire fee is received by HM Land Registry via WorldPay, a company specialising in electronic payments.

Is your service secure?

Yes. Please see our privacy statement Link opens in new window.

Can I obtain a VAT receipt for my transactions?

The title plan and title register do not attract VAT.

The Flood Risk Indicator does attract VAT.

A VAT receipt is automatically produced for each Flood Risk Indicator, and will be available to download from the PDF.

For further information please see Flood Risk Indicator

What is a VAT receipt?

For information see: HM Revenue & Customs Link opens in new window

How do I reclaim my VAT?

For information see: HM Revenue & Customs Link opens in new window

Why does a Flood Risk Indicator result have a VAT receipt and not the title register or title plan?

Flood Risk Indicator is an add value service and is subject to standard rate VAT.

The title register or