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Is your property at risk of flooding? Find out here!

How to find a property

If you're buying or selling a house or are just interested in a property, you'll be glad you visited us. To obtain property details just enter the postcode and house number/name above and click 'Search'.

If you know the full address you can submit a Detailed enquiry, if you don't you can submit a Map enquiry.

If you have an HM Land-Registry INSPIRE ID you can submit a HM Land Registry-INSPIRE ID enquiry. For further information see: INSPIRE information for our customers Link opens in new window

For properties you are interested in, you can download:

For further details of documents referred to in the register and obtaining copies see: About this service

For further information about Flood Risk Indicator see: Flood Risk Indicator

What do I need?

Important - to purchase property information from this service you must be a registered user.

You will be asked to register for an account or log in once you are ready to purchase information for a selected property. Registrations are deleted after 12 months of non-use.

To download you will need:
  • a valid debit/credit card
  • PDF viewing software installed
  • a valid email address